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tv   [untitled]    April 17, 2013 7:14pm-7:44pm PDT

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and the house in question 2325 is at the bottom and if i read the plans right once it's constructed it will be as high as the hill. so all the people on that block have been there a long time. we all consider ourselves shepherds of the block. and that's what i wanted to say >> and the square footage of your home? >> the square footage is about it thousand feet. and by the way, everyone on the south side of the tirs has a
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shared open space and 2325 is part of that and all the house's below and above me enjoy did shared space so we want to make sure we don't encroach upon that >> next speaker, please. we own a two unit building on the same block and i'm here to show my whole support we know how challenging it is the live
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and raise a family in san francisco. we too had to remodel our home adding two bedrooms to accommodate our rapidly growing city. homeowners should have the right to remodel and we find the project to be reasonable, well thought out and taste imply done. whether measured in square footage will be in line with the homes on our block. additionally we feel the project will positively impact the neighborhood. we see that the neighbors are putting in a tar roof we have that on the top of our building. from our vantage point the
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remodel will make for a much greener city escape. in the front yard their replaying a concrete slab with a beautiful landscape. i believe it would be more attractive to have more trees along the city sidewalks. it also added an additional parking space. the modern design is very sensible to the 1950s building and the whole building will refresh the neighborhood with no negative impact. we very much hope that you'll support the original project.
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>> would you state your name for the record? >> is there any other public comment? please step forward >> hello, i'm stephanie i live in the neighborhood. i've lived in the buena visa area i'm here because i very much support the wallace family
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addition. i implo i explore lots of the neighbor areas. i appreciate the fact if the house will be moderate in its size it is staying very reasonable and it's staying within the structure of the existing house and adding the vertical addition it's also adding greenery to the front area. it's going to be much nicer to look at. i also vail the level of sustainability this doesn't also happen with the projects. they've taken a lot of time to
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benefit the environment and it will be a benefit to the neighborhood and to the neighbors with the view of their house. i really think this is a great design for a family house their maintaining what's there and they're asking for the variance to be maintained. i really support that project. thank you very much >> thank you any other public comments? please step forward >> good evening maybe i'm the last one we can all go home arrest i'm frank morris. my family as lived in this area for over 70 years.
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i've lived they're there for 3 seven years. tights real a shame we're here at this point. we all want our neighbors to get what they need but not as an expense to the neighborhood. first one was the variance that took the two parking spaces in their driveway sometimes there's 3 cars in that driveway. they were allowed to take the garage space and make that that an apartment. the second thing is the variance allows the building to be the highest densest on the block.
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i have 2 thousand square foot on exactly 4 though square feet they have 21 hundred and the most dense building in the neighborhood. the third consideration and i understand they can do whatever they want with the property but every document they send out they talk about the property not fitting their needs they're a family and we appreciate that but do we need to let them remove a rental from the neighborhood structure. there's always been a lot of people moving out.
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there's been 9 owners of that home over years. i don't believe that one family should be allowed to take precedence over the code. and it sticks anti 2 feet. it sticks out and i have asked them to look at that and the architect and the wallaces themselves have not made one change to the ejecting plan they've not done one thing. all i'm asking is we all go back to the draft board and do what's right for the neighborhood
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>> any comments? we'll start with the rebuttal. >> as the wallaces talked about their need one of the - but this is a zoning code thing it's not about the needs as frank said there's been 9 owners. and as time goes on they've be condone and so will we. as you asked they've not considered any other optioned that are planning structures. we go down to 1978 they took out the parking unit if they could
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build out into the front yard they wouldn't have parking. they should have been aware of this you know there are variances and restrict shuns. we've heard a lot about the hill and how it steps down. in our part of the block our home steps down do you see this person in courtly. by bringing their home up to ourselves they're now going to tower over our how many. the more reasonable definition you intend to have two stories but in theirs they're going to
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have 3 stories. i want to show you a picture. >> refer to the overhead. >> the offer head. >> so you see how their this can't fit on the one terrace below it now when i see our house there their almost the same size as our house they're denying the step down that exists everywhere else. this is to enhance air and light space. the front part will significantly impact our light and air and mr. sanchez referred
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to the front and back windows. it will be significant to the impact of the light on our property >> we can take rebuttal now from the variance holder. >> i have to admit we're a little bit confused. from the documents from the appellant in the dining room of their document you can see they've basically triangleed this square footage in the front yard their own windows their southerly view would be blocked as would the neighbors it's
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quite baffleing. we're the 37 percent below in square footage we're not building an huge home he we're truly have stayed within the footprint almost identically and added a modest third floor.
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regarding one of his exhibits i believe he put in there d or e referring to the overhead? he took a overhead or google to suggest that the house's have a set back. he's only focused on that homes
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this is is our proposed home that is the appellants home well above it. again, we're at the two union and it will remain a two unit. >> thank you. regarding that photo sir. one of the earlier either drawings or photos by the appellant showed mr. morris' home to be smaller than that >> we can't speak to the audience.
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>> but the outline you showed was different. >> i mean different mr. morris' home is 3 stories at
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april 10, 2013 april 10, 2012. supercalifragilisticexpialidocio
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us. units of affordable units of affordable >> at that point in time there are design issues that are being voiced today. for that reason i would agree with commissioner fong on what the real issue is at the point of dispute. that's where i'm headed. >> as am i. i wanted to move to uphold the joining administrator and deny the appeal. >> is that on the basis of no
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correction? thank you. >> who #r we have a motion from the president that they did not error on disaggression. commissioner honored an aye. thank you. the verdict is 4-0. >> there is no further business. we are adjourned.
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>> to address these concerns, i have made a series of amendments to the resolution that capture the spirit of the policy but would allow continued conversation with the task force and other stakeholders about how we do metering. i believe strongly that the city needs to start developing toes to help create affordable housing. in our housing element alone, we talk about building a 60% affordable, but we are currently not doing that. it is important to start the discussion about creating tools of measuring our affordable housing and creating tools to
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enforce that. i grew up in new york city, one to my parents who had immigrated here to the u.s. actually, i started really becoming active in working with the community when i was in high school. came out to california for college, went to stanford. i was always politically involved. when i was a college student, i worked on the initiative to get rid of affirmative action in our public government system. currently, we have 3 legislative items that are pending. the first is going to be coming to a final vote on tuesday, our mid-market uptown tenderloin task exemption legislation. it is basically an incentive to encourage businesses to come to mid-market. in particular, where we have the highest commercial vacancy. and then when i graduated, moved and then when i graduated, moved out to san francisco about 12


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